Aluminum Coil Repair

NEW Aluminum Coil Repair – In this video you will see how to repair a leak in a aluminum coil. You will also learn what equipment is needed for the repairs.

IMPORTANT – If you have a coil that is under warranty and there is a potential for it needing replaced you MUST CONTACT TEC SUPPORT. You can contact us through email at or via text at 402-739-9178. During this contact please include pics or a video of the active leak with soap bubbles and a full model and serial number of the coil. PHOTOS OR VIDEO ARE REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY SUPPORT ON LEAKING COILS. Failure to supply pics or video with soap bubbles will hold up your claim. A CLAIM WILL NOT BE APPROVED WITHOUT PICS OR VIDEOS. In order to submit a warranty claim YOU MUST have a case number from tech support. NO WARRANTY WILL BE APPROVED WITHOUT A CASE NUMBER.

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