Spring 2023 Service Training

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In this course we will go over Outdoor Infinity/ Evolution, Ductless service and Rooftop service.

How to contact Tech Support and what is needed when contacting


  • DOA policy
  • Coil leak policies

With Infinity / Evolution we will cover the following:

  • common fault codes
  • compressor troubleshooting
  • fan motor troubleshooting
  • inverter troubleshooting
  • communication troubleshooting
  • charging with UI

With ductless we will cover the following:

  • components working or failed
  • common errors
  • not so common errors
  • wiring condensate pumps
  • wiring and set up of 24 volt interfaces

In RTU service we will cover

  • VFD troubleshooting and parameter settings
  • set up and troubleshooting of the eco blue motor
  • diagnostics of economizers
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