NEW 2022 Carrier/Bryant Ductless Systems Self-Study Course

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This is a general Ductless course covering the most common topics of Ductless systems. It will not cover ALL aspects of Ductless systems. Please always consulate with Product Data, Installation & Service Manuals for your specific unit.

We will cover the most common installation steps, operation and troubleshooting of the Carrier/Bryant Ductless systems. We will discuss features and functions and how to set them up properly. We will cover troubleshooting error codes and how to get our information out of the system and proper steps in determining the source of the error code.

This class is designed for installation and service personnel.

Course Outline

  • Ductless Single and Multi-head Installation
  • Ductless Set Up
  • Sequence of Operation
  • Troubleshooting Codes Explained
  • Troubleshooting Procedures
  • Tools Necessary for Troubleshooting

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